Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton, seriously, NEVER disappoints me. I love this look on the Alice in Wonderland story and it is executed perfect, aside from some corny spots in the beginning and end. Tim Burton has such a creative mind.
I loved Johnny Depp in the film. Johnny Depp also NEVER disappoints me. He plays the "Mad Hatter" and I don't think anyone else in Hollywood could do a better job. He plays the best "crazy". In the film I can sense a little "Edward Scissor Hands" and a little "Jack Sparrow".
I would go see it again and again if it weren't so expensive to go to the movies. I am definitely buying it when it comes out.

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FawnsFabAndFrugal said...

my daughter and I totally loved this movie also! Tim Burton is awesome!