Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spray paint and motorcycles.

The sun came out today, which is awesome cause I actually have today off. I normally work Saturdays but am seriously considering giving them up. I have been working Monday - Saturday for a little over a year now and I think it's time to let that shift go to someone else. It was a real treat to sleep in late with my husband laying next to me. By sleeping in I mean 7:30, ha, I normally wake up way earlier than that. Anyway once we finally got ourselves out of bed we tried to get my scooter started. Sadly we didn't succeed we are assuming its old gas, crossing my fingers. Dan did get to take one of his Harleys out for a ride though. This is a picture of him coming back, he always has such a big smile on his face when he gets to ride his bike. Since I didn't have a scooter to ride I took out my spray paint's and painted some frames and owls. The owls I thrifted and didn't really like too much, but I knew they would be better painted, so I bought them anyway. They still need a few more coats. The frames were also thrifted and I plan to hang them on the wall above my bed a long with a few others not pictured.

By the way, the sun feels MARVELOUS. I hope your day is marvelous as well!!

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