Thursday, September 15, 2011

week 32 & week 33

 Week 32 Ruby was in a terrible mood when I took her photos, the photo above was the only one she wasn't screaming in.  This little girl sure lets you know when she is upset.  She has started to exert her will and throw fits when something doesn't happen as she wants it to.  Dan and I both have pretty red hot personalities so we really could not have expected much else.
 ...luckily a nap took care of her terrible mood.
 Week 33 Ruby is in a much better mood and this past weekend had her first camping (in a cabin) experience.  She did pretty great for sleeping and being in a totally different place.  This week Ruby has been getting in some crawling positions, but they always end with her face planting the floor.  Luckily the face plants have not discouraged her from trying again and again.  I feel she will be crawling with in the next few weeks.  I haven't done anything to baby proof our house mainly because I have no idea what to do.  I am naturally a procrastinator and figured I'll baby proof things when I have to.
 Ruby came up with a few new faces, this is one of them.
 this ones reminds me of her papa
Still no teeth which I am happy about cause this little girl already likes to bite me while nursing.  Its less painful teaching about no biting when there is no teeth.  Also I really love her gummy smiles, they can stay around as long as they like!


Ashley said...

Ruby is so cuteeeee!! I've been reading your blog since you've been pregnant, and its been fun following along!

Dan said...

That pic totally is like me, mouth open and intense stair..haha