Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Family Camp!!

(warning: tons of photo's)

 Family camp was pretty epic this year.  We were blessed with beautiful weather and fantastic teaching.
 The camp was at Echo Ranch Bible Camp, which is about a 45 minute walk from Echo Cove (aka the end of the road).
 We walked out with our good friend Nate, Annie and Jackson.
love birds

 Once we got there we went to the mess hall and let the babies plays and stretch their limbs for a while.
We had dinner and a teaching that night.
 Our mornings started early with a group devotion before breakfast.
 The beautiful sunshine made the entire weekend so much more blessed.
The beach was the perfect place to be.
 I love how Ruby stares at beautiful scenery when I sit her in front of it.  I really do wonder what she is thinking.
 Dan and Leonard went for a short canoe ride, apparently they chose the canoe with a hole in it.
 Jacob, Jackson and Ruby.
 Ruby and Jackson
 Susie took a zipline ride,
so did Dan!
 Marcus and Liam, so many babies.
 This was our guest speakers daughter Chloe, she was so cute.
 Shane asked Susie to MARRY him!!!!!!!
 Lots of duck tape sword fights.

 Our cabin for the weekend; we shared it with Nate, Annie, Jackson and Susie.
 Mushrooms abound
 The worship and teachings were amazing
 Praying over the newly engaged couple!


happy owl erin said...

yeah!! loved all your pics. xxoo

Dan said...

Yup, it will be hard to top this years Family Camp!