Friday, September 30, 2011

36 weeks, oh my.

 Ruby is a spunky little gal its hard to think she is only 36 weeks instead of 36 months.  An attitude like her's at such a young age makes me nervous for the future.  Really Dan and I couldn't have expected much else, she is our child after all.  She sure is a charmer when she wants to be though, mainly in the presence of strangers, when the camera is out or when someone has something she wants!
 My favorite thing these days is watching her personality develop.  As much as I loved and miss the stage where she didn't do much other than cuddle and nurse this stage is special in its own way.  I am trying hard to stay in the present and not daydream about the past and future, I don't want to miss anything. 
I feel like mobility is approaching and have yet to do anything to our house in preparation for it, I am a terrible procrastinator.  The nesting phase you have while pregnant should really come along every three months or so after the baby has arrived.  It would be helpful in my case.


Dan said...

I love that middle picture

Rosie said...

oh my gosh, your little girl is absolutely beautiful!! those eyes!!!!!!
I love your blog and reading all about your experience with a new baby, I am 18 weeks pregnant and I cannot wait to be going through all of this with my little one, even the attitudes!! haha!
x x x