Friday, August 6, 2010

Sunny days and evening walks

It has been sunny this past week so Dan and I took advantage of it by going on some long walks in the evenings. We ventured over to the brotherhood bridge trail since it is a short walk from our house. I love that trail cause there are so many options of off trails to take. Walking in the evening has been helping me sleep and also helping with my energy and just all around feeling good.
I took my camera on one outing and took some photo's, shared below. I want to express my frustration with my lens. The one I am using is one my sister left when she moved. It went to an old film Canon camera. It's a 50mm but is already zoomed .45m for taking photo's of close ups (like flowers). I find it insanely frustrating to use for photo's of any sort, although I do appreciate having it instead of not having one. Also it is older and I think it may be affecting to quality of photo's I am able to take. My dream is for a wide angle lens. When I take photo's with the lens I have I feel like all my photo's are being cut off and would be so much more dramatic with a wider angle.

I am so curious as to why some trees have these huge growths on them

Jacks favorite thing to do whenever we are around sand

I love the big leaves and color or devils club

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happy owl erin said...

the lens looks great to me, but don't fret mike and I have that same annoying problem sometimes! Hopefully you are getting lots of rest, I know it's hard to sleep, your little belly will be popping for sure soon! See you next Sunday, I hope.