Tuesday, August 24, 2010

finally, boat trip photos

I guess they are better late than never. This Saturday was amazing outside. Hot, sunny, no wind, just beautiful. I am pretty certain it was our last stint of warmer weather. From here on out we will just be transitioning into winter. I hope and pray it will snow A LOT this winter. There is seriously nothing I love more than snow. I would take a beautiful snowy day over a beautiful sunny day, no joke. Snow is just so peaceful and quiet. Anyway, a few Saturdays ago Dan, my Dad and I took my Dads boat out. We cruised it around in the channel for a while then found ourselves a private beach to park on and have lunch. Jack ran around like a crazy dog. The tide was coming in pretty fast so we all got back in the boat and cruised around in the channel for a little while again. It was so beautiful out there. I did not get many photo's cause its hard to get good clear photo's on a bumpy boat ride. But I did get some. Enjoy!

Auke Bay Harbor as we were heading out

I love it when my Dad is happy!

Our private beach and private lunch

the harbor on our way back in


Christen Krumm said...

i totally agree with you about snow! i love snow. i love the cold!! :) i should probably move somewhere where it's mostly cold and snowy (instead of arkansas where we're lucky if we get snow) course the past couple of winters here have been nice and snowy :)


Tia Oshields said...

True, there's something quite wonderful and beautiful about that chilly winter weather. Nonetheless, it's best to appreciate the fine points of all seasons. They all make such wonderful pics, and your photos of you guys cruising on the boat are very nice.