Monday, May 17, 2010

So I surprised Dan while he was at work last Thursday (May 13) with this cute little card. At first he didn't get it. He thought it said "Danny" not "Daddy". Then I pointed it out and he smiled really big and his eyes got a little watery, as did mine. Then he had to go try and work with the new news fresh on his mind!
Today I madean appointment to tour the Family Birth Center. It is set for May 20th. Once I get the tour and decided I want to go there then I will schedule a pre-natal appointment. Woohoo!
I am obsessed with reading about what is happening and what is going to happen with my body during this pregnancy. I am also obsessed with reading about the growth of the little bean inside. One web site did say my breast might grow an entire cup size in just the first few weeks. WHAT? This does not sound good to me. But whatever, a lot of body part will be growing over the next 9 months.
So far I still just have some cramping going on and I am pretty tired the majority of the time. I have been getting out everyday for a walk. Also I am currently suffering from a pretty nasty cold.


dan said...

I love you so so much!! I can't wait till your big and pregnant so I can pamper you and rub your feet.

Ashleigh said...

Why do you have to wait until I am big before you pamper me and rub my feet?

Hannah Hosh said...

Oh man! I am so excited about this! (the baby, not the feet rubbing)

Sherrie Jo said...

It'll be fun to see how stretched out those stars get on a big belly :-)