Saturday, May 22, 2010

saturday, saturday, saturday

It was SUNNY!!! We woke up early to go out and hunt for junk at garage sales. After eating the fried egg sandwiches I made for us we headed out towards downtown! I normally have better luck finding stuff I like down there. Anyway to make this story short, every garage sale we went to was a bust. NOTHING GOOD AT ALL. But luckily the thrift stores had some good stuff. I found the vintage green globe lamp along with the vintage afghan at the Salvation army. We were the 2nd people in the door!!! Then everything else I got at St. Vincent.
After junk hunting we hung out with my Dad and went around town in search for a battery for my scooter and tires from my vintage Schwinn Breeze. We found the tires but no luck with the battery, it will have to be ordered, ugh. Then went for a motorcycle ride downtown, to go get some "Mothers Special Blend" at Rainbow foods. I want to have a head start on preparing my belly for some stretching. On our way back home we stopped at Hannah and Bryan's new house to check out their progress with painting!
We finally got home and Dan started working on my Schwinn again. I love this Schwinn and cant wait for it to be ready to ride! We found it ditched in the woods by our house last year, score. Anyway Dan has been working on it the past couples of days. He has removed nearly all the rust, replaced the tubes, replaced the back tire and now we just need a new chain and eventually a back break.
So to end the day Dan and I took Jack out for a bike/skate ride. Since Dan's vintage Schwinn was purchased in working condition at a garage sale last year I rode that with Jack in the basket and Dan rode along side us on his skate board. The picture of my and Jack is so blurring cause Dan took it while moving down the street on his board.

ahhhhhh! what a perfect day!

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Hannah Hosh said...

Jack is the cutest! I love that he rides in your basket.