Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The hutch

So I have been playing around with my stuff on the hutch and on the wall above the hutch to figure out what I like. After changing it a million times I think I finally got it. Well, the wall at least. I am not satisfied with the stuff on and in the hutch, I need to figure something else out for it. But for now it works.
I also finally found a way to hang some owl water colors, my friend Leticia painted, until I get them framed.
Also, can I just say "I get so frustrated with the excessive amount of tape the thrift store puts on stuff."


happy owl said...

leticia's owls are precious! Your collection definitely outdoes mine.
And when you talked about being busy in the morning at work, man you weren't kidding.
see you later.

Sherrie Jo said...

The wall above the hutch is perfect! Also, the way you hung Latecia's owls is so creative. So cute!

dan said...

It would look better with a bunch of motorcycle stuff instead of owl stuff.

love you