Tuesday, January 5, 2010

where are you when I need you?

Heavenly run out
Its been so amazingly beautiful out lately, which I love. I love sunshine, who doesn't. But when the sunshine gets in the way of snow falling on the ground to fulfill my deep desires to snowboard all winter. Sunshine isn't my friend. In the last month and a week it has snowed 4 inches with a bunch of melt freeze cycles in between, at the mountain.
I was so excited when it was snowing beautiful light fluffy snow in November. I thought it meant good things for this winter. I earned some turns in November, before the area opened, by hiking my butt up the mountain a handful of times (a past post about this). But since they've been open (Dec 5) I haven't gone up once. Sad to say, but the conditions have been very poor. I don't like to snowboard on concrete. So I'm begging, PLEASE SNOW.
the lift
Pittman Ridge
all photo's of previously snowy years

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