Friday, November 20, 2009

Today was a beautiful day

on the mountain. I have hiked up a handful of times this weekend and have earned some pretty sick turns. Some of the nicest I have had. Its nice to enjoy the area without a ton of people there. Although the mountain is getting pretty tracked up and sloppy. Some wind and snow would be welcome up there to make things better. It'll happen though! They are planning to open a week earlier than originally planned. I heard a rumor it was only for weekends until December 18thm if that is the case I will be greatly disappointed. I only bought a weekday seasons pass. It cost me nearly $400 for that and if they only open for weekends until December 18th, well, that means I am getting screwed out of a pretty good amount of days. I hope it all works out.
These are some pictures I managed to capture with my iPhone camera, on the mountain today!

2 comments: said...

good job on the photos! gorgeous :-)

hannah said...

So beautiful!