Thursday, January 21, 2010


Beauty up on the hill..
Today the sun was out again! Yay!
Eaglecrest was open today, so to enjoy the sunshine I went up and was able to take 6 runs after work. It was beautiful, I was enjoying myself so much I didn't take any photo's except the one above right when I was leaving. The snow is pretty good right now, reminds me of spring time snow. Its like frozen corn, thats the best way to explain it. It makes for some good turns, although it was pretty hard on the groomed areas. I noticed today my legs are super out of shape. I notice myself getting pretty wiped out early. Which is lame, so some lunges and wall sit are in order for me. Well, I hope you all had a wonderful day like I did!

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Sherrie Jo said...

WoW! Beautiful; too bad I don't ski...