Sunday, August 7, 2011

Quality Family Time!

Today was pleasant so after church we packed ourselves a lunch, walked out to "our" island (the one we got married on) and enjoyed the beauty and quiet.  It seems like quality family time is few and far between so when it happens I like to sit back and cherish it.
Every time we go out to the island Dan and I day dream about moving to a remote island and living off the grid, maybe someday!
Salmon are spawning which means there are a lot of salmon, dead and alive, in all the little streams throughout the wetlands.  As we walked to the island and back to the car we kept stepping on dead salmon hiding in the tall grass, it made the funniest sounds and Dan made the best impression of it. 
Ruby was asleep the whole walk and woke up just in time for us to reach the beach.
the view
I sat Ruby down with the view in front of her, she sat and took in the beauty while sucking on a toy!

Family photo!
the said dead salmon
more dead salmon
walking back to the car
24 or more dead salmon
kind of creepy
the grass was super tall for part of our walk, poor Jack

It was great enjoying the beauty God created. 
Oh yeah, Jack (the dog) rolled on one of the dead salmons, it was a smelly ride home.

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happy owl erin said...

I love you guys! too cute. And I hear you, family time is few and far between...happy day to you!!
just live out the road, not off the grid! I'd miss my friend. ;)