Tuesday, August 23, 2011

7 months

 Ruby is 7 months old now and I seriously cant believe it, yeah I know I say that every time but seriously I can't believe it.
 at seven months Ruby
babbles at her toys, mama and papa all the time
likes to suck, chew and spit on everything
isn't sleeping
like apples, blueberries and sweet potato's best but not more than mamas milk
likes to charm strangers with a big smile
doesn't have any more bald spots
likes to suck on her toes while getting a diaper change
thinks Jack (the dog) is the coolest thing ever
gets super excited to see her papa when he gets home
wakes up at 9:00 sharp every morning
likes to make big splashes in the tub
loves the baby in the mirror
weighs 17 pounds 12 ounces
is 27 inches long
 I know I do a weekly post AND a monthly post, how annoying, but I know I will love looking back on these later in life so bare with me.
As much as I love her at this stage I miss each and every month so much.  
Its hard to believe how different she has become in seven short months.


Paige said...

She's beautiful!

happy owl erin said...

she is really such a big girl now, I can't even handle it! I need some Ruby squeezes soon. :)))