Monday, August 22, 2011

pieces of me

Being a stay-at-home mama to child that can't talk real words is somewhat lonely.  I am finding myself craving two way conversation and getting down about not doing much other than rolling around on the floor, singing songs and making silly faces. 
Before I became a mama I worked in a busy coffee stand where I would talk with over 200 customers in a short 5 hour block.  I remember looking forward to getting off work so I could have a break from talking.  Now I am finding my life is the complete opposite, I stay at home with my little one having no adult conversation counting down the minutes until my husband gets home so I can have some two way conversation!  Whats silly is I know so many stay at home mamas in my town but I never actually call any of them to hang out.  "I just don't want to bug them," is what I tell myself.  


Jessica said...

I'll be there for a little 2 way conversation tomorrow! Hope you are feeling better! I love you kiddo!

Simplistic Beauty said...

feel ya... I cherish being able to stay at home with my little one....sometimes it is lonley though. I help my mother-in-law out 3 days a it's not too lonley. I know the feeling of not bugging your friends...however they are probably thinking the same thing! so you should just call! lol

happy owl erin said...

Oh mama, call me any evening! I'm always up for a little chat :)) xxoo