Friday, May 6, 2011


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May 3, 2011
 Every year on our anniversary Dan and I hike out, on low tide, to the island we got married on and take a picture with the arch we got married under.  This year we had very similar weather to the weather we had on our wedding day, rain and wind.  The arch had fallen over, but was still there, so we took the top part of the arch off to use for the picture.  Then we decided to bring the D + A home, the plan is to take it out there every year for a picture! 
the fallin' arch

A big log made its way onto our walkway.  I am surprised most of the rocks are still in place after three years!


Hannah Hosh said...

It's about time that D+A came home with you. Love you three so much!

happy owl erin said...

I think this is the most adorable tradition, so glad the D+A were still there too! Xxoo

Beryl Lynn said...

I love this.. what a sentimental idea.