Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birthday boy!

My nephew, Asher, turned 5 on Sunday and we had a super celebration for him!
 Dan and I brought over some refrigerator boxes for the kids to play with.  One of them we cut doors and windows out and painted with spray paint!
We also plastered cool pictures of scooters and VW buses and bugs on the inside!
 The other two boxes were blank canvases for the kids to paint!
Birthday boy!
 Hannah due with Jude anyday now!
DeAnna due with a little mystery in September!
 Ruby enjoyed basking in the sunshine and drooling all over!
 Ruby and papa!
Ruby with her uncle, grandpa and papa!
and last but not least the best pregnant belly picture ever, COME OUT JUDE!


Joy LaMay said...

thats such a rad idea with the boxes. looks like so much fun.

happy owl erin said...

Ahhh! I love it :)) what a fun day it was!

Dan said...

looks like it was a blast, that guy with the baby and the knit cap has a fantastic beard.

Laura said...

Ha ha - I showed David the pics, especially the last one of Hannah, and he exclaimed - "Oh, dear Lord!"

Great pics - and that last one is truly the best belly pic ever. :-)

Sarah said...

cardboard boxes are the best!

Jessica said...

I can't believe Hannah is still Pregnant! That picture is awesome! Think you named it right as the "Best pregnant Belly picture ever"

renee kristine said...

no really, that IS the best pregnancy photo ever