Saturday, January 29, 2011

week 40, handmade blankets and first bath

 This was an amazing transformation, the human body is truly remarkable.  God sure knew what he was doing!
 A beautiful handmade blanket by Janet, Ruby loves it and so do I.
Ruby had her first bath last night.  She actually liked it and didn't cry until we took her out of the water!


House Of Lovelock said...

That is one of the most adorable babies in the whole wide world! And the blanket is incredible too!

DX5GP2LOTS said...

Everyone else has already said it 1000+ times.
awwwwww ,,,,,,, heck ,,,,,,,, might as well make it 1,001+ times

Beautiful baby, blanket, and pictures.

What would be cool is to get a pic of your first bath from the video and put them together in a then and now thing. 8)

Good work, love ya Dad

Hannah Hosh said...

Oh gosh, I just love her. Thanks for making me an adorable new niece.