Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I am officially unemployed and a stay at home mom.  Feels sort of weird considering I have had my last job for nearly five years and have never been unemployed in my life.  Once this baby comes I am sure I will have my hands and time filled with lots of stuff I wont even think about being employed or not.  Lucky for me my mom comes in today, I am sure she will help distract me from obsessing overing being unemployed and when this baby is going to come.  I have been having more frequent BH contractions.  I have been getting around 4-7 an hour for the last 2 days some I can't feel, other than my uterus getting rock hard, and others I can feel with cramping low in my pelvic area and in my back.  Hopefully my baby was just waiting for its grandma to get into town and after today it'll come out! 
My mom will be here until Feb 9th...she didn't want to miss a thing!  She will stay with Dan and I all but the first week or so of our babies life.  I am glad she is able to be here for so long.
So long.


Carly Anne said...

Try to relax and enjoy your free time. You're going to have plenty of work soon!


All this is Grace and Charm

Mandy said...

Oh, i am so excited for you! Keep us updated when you can- and I can't wait to see pics of your little one!

Joy LaMay said...

not having a job is the most awesome thing ever. just let dan take care of you! haha.

Chelsea said...

wow. just beautiful! love these photos!