Friday, January 28, 2011


Ruby has a slight case of jaundice so she got to bask in the sun this morning for a little while.  She loved it!!
She also loves to make funny faces and try to nurse off anything near her. 
She also got to nap with her papa on the couch!  
Since her little belly button nub fell off this morning Ruby will be getting her first bath today!


samarah said...

she is so precious!! I love pictures of babes and daddies sleeping together :) sweet!


Paige said...

she is a beautiful baby!! she has alot of hair too-- did you have heartburn? my little girl was born with a full head and I had so much heartburn it was crazy. the newborn days are sweet times!!

Hannah Hosh said...

The photo on her on the bed made me laugh because it's so Ruby! I want to do some photos with her soon...