Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things I miss....

seeing my food ONCE not twice
not taking a million huge pills everyday
drinking green tea

eating onions and not getting sick
eating when I am hungry instead of when I am nauseous
my normal level of energy
not having to take a nap
the way all my cloths use to fit me
wanting to go for a walk instead of making myself go for a walk
sleeping through the night
not peeing a million times
sleeping on my tummy
cracking my back
feeling good
I miss my mind
being able to watch a movie and NOT wanting to cry
having control over my emotions
waking up in the morning and being ready to go (energy wise)
not being tired at work
the way my skin use to feel (its super dry now)
brushing my teeth without gagging
eating Halibut


Dan said...

only six more months of this...I love you~!

Jennyology said...

Ha! I think I could've written this exact same list when I was in my first trimester. You'll find out soon that it gets a LOT better. Then you'll hit your third trimester and have a whole new set of ailments :)

thorman said...

Hang in there honey! It will get better and the end result is so worth it! Cucumbers are really good for dry skin. I couldn't get enough of them when I was pregnant with Caleb. Sue