Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The stash

This is a glimpse of my baby stash. I figured its never to early to start one. I have been keeping my eyes open at thrift stores, consignment shops and garage sales for baby stuff that I like. I have also gotten a few gifts and giveaway from friends and family. The stash is a lot bigger than pictured but you get the idea.

(clockwise: quilt made by Hollie Roselle, bib from Sherrie E (aka grandma)., quilt found on etsy, newborn cloth diapers found at mommy & me, two vintage '70s receiving blankets found at salvation army, smartwool socks found at mommy & me, jiggle owl from Sherrie E., a small stack of tiny clothes found at St. Vincent.)


Anonymous said...

Aww! You find the coolest stuff. Enjoy collecting. Before you know it though you'll be culling. Nevertheless, I do have a stash of my boy's favorite baby toys that I've kept even though they are now 17 and 15. I just can't seem to part with them. Theresa Miller

Sherrie Jo said...

Hey Ashleigh,
I have a bunch of Dan's baby blankets and such that you can have. Those are certainly retro. mom E

xela said...

you find the coolest stuff!! i especially love the owl and elephant stuff :)