Saturday, April 10, 2010


I got my new camera in the mail on Friday and have been messing around and getting familar with it since. I have been taking multiple pictures of the same thing with different setting just to get the feel of how it all works. So far I like it, I am sure once I figure it out completely I will LOVE it.
Today Dan and I went to garage sales and made out OK. The first one we went to was pretty good I got an old sewing kit with all sorts of vintage thread, zippers, patches, ribbon, needles etc... I also got an old framed embroidery that says "Easy does it". Dan got a harmonica and a bunch of random guy stuff. The second one we went to we got an old boat bench, which is just what we needed for our entry. The thrid one was an estate sale which had tons of AMAZING stuff, my sister-in-law lives down the street from where it was and ended up getting there in time to score some really great mod/retro shelves and record cases. As much as I wish I made it there to get them instead of her I am happy she got them. You should see her house, I LOVE IT, very inspiring. Anyway at the estate sale we didn't buy anything but ended up getting a pretty cool vintage Biltwell rocking arm chair.
Ill be back soon with some picture from my new camera.

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