Saturday, April 24, 2010

more from yesterday.

It was still pretty nice and warm out once Dan got home from work so we took Jack for a walk on his favorite little trail. The Airport Dike Trail, its kind of lame at first but once you walk for a few minute you have unlimited access to open wetlands. Jack loves to just run, run, run out there. Not to mention its a pretty sweet spot to catch some late day sunlight.Jack waiting for us to get our stuff together for the wetlands
no dogs were harmed in the taking of this photo

sooo cute....
ha. look at his facial expression in the middle photo.
Today was also a beautiful day out, I worked in the morning then after Dan and I went on a motorcycle ride with Dans parents. On the ride Dan and I hit a dog on our motorcycle, lucky for the dog and us the outcome was fine. The dog walked away and we drove away! I found myself during the whole thing feeling more scared for the dogs safety then ours. ha. weird. I really do love dogs though. I think I feared for the dog more because I believe my husband has really good motorcycle driving capabilities. After that happen we went and showed the bikes off downtown and drove up and down the steep hills looking at the strangely large number of houses for sale. We then headed over to Douglas and had some lunch...I had a jalapeno burger with onion rings, it was delicious. Now I am home and tired, from getting up at 5am, and Dan is over at a friends house doing motorcycle things.

and I leave you with this
how in the world did that cat get up there?

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