Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wisdom teeth and Valentines Day

So last Friday I had my wisdom teeth removed. It was a longer than expected recovery but I was able to return to work today! My regular customers were happy to see me and were glad I was feeling better. My jaw, cheeks and remaining teeth still ache quite a bit. But nothing compared to a few days ago. I am happy to be on the better side of recovery.
Thankfully today was another beautiful day, in the lower 40s. I really can't believe its February 18th and it hasn't snowed a single day this month. So strange. Anyway, today I got Jack out for a much needed walk. We went out to Auke Rec. and it was just gorgeous.
Auke Rec. Woods
Auke Rec.
Oh yeah, Valentines Day was Sunday. Unfortunately Sunday was my worst day for pain so we didn't really do much. I stayed home from Church, for obvious reasons, and Dan went. I stayed in bed until around 11:30 when I decided I couldn't handle laying there for another minute. So I got up and situated myself on the couch and cuddled with Jack until Dan got home. He got home at 12:30 and suprised me with a sweet 'Get Well Soon' card that he also passed as a Valentine card and a wonderfully scented assortment of flowers. I was most surprised to find out he purchased all this the day before! He is normally a 'wait till the last minute' kind of guy. Since I wasn't up for anything Dan sat and watched movie after movie with me all day! What a sweet guy. I love him so.

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