Thursday, February 25, 2010

SLR camera anyone?

D5000 25452


Smart. Sharp.
Simply Brilliant.

Compact and powerful, the D5000 is a remarkable blend of simplicity and advanced D-SLR capabilities with breathtaking 12.3-megapixel image quality

Ringing in at $629.95 it might be possible to ask for it for Christmas. We'll see, I would just really like something to be able to capture better quality photo's. My iPhone (which I use for 90% of the photo's posted on this blog) and my Nikon coolpix do a good job, but this would do better and well, I want better. If I am going to start a family, I am going to need a quality camera to take quality photo's to save forever.


Hannah Hosh said...

Tim & Christine just bought this one from Costco. I messed around with it a bit the other day, and I wasn't impressed. It wasn't very user-friendly.

Ashleigh said...

So you think a Cannon would be better?