Monday, February 22, 2010

So much beauty everywhere.

I has been so nice out the past few days. So strange it being February, 40+ degrees out and sunny. I am enjoying it. After work Jack and I went out to Auke Rec. walked out to point Louisa and sat in the sunshine. With just a sweater on and the sun shining on me it felt like July. As much as I would like it to snow and actually be winter I have to admit this weather is very welcome.
Auke Rec.Auke Rec.Auke Rec.Auke Rec.Auke Rec.
Yesterday Dan and I went on a walk together, for the first time in a long time. I love doing healthy outdoor activities with my husband. We went out to the Auke Bay harbor area and took a stroll on the beach. The sun was shining but the air was still pretty brisk and the fog was sitting out on the water.
Auke Bay Harbor area. Auke Bay Harbor area. Auke Bay Harbor area. Auke Bay Harbor area.
Auke Bay Harbor area.
Haha! I know my husband looks like a blind person in this picture (transition lenses). But I love the picture.
I was peeking around in blog world today and came across a super cute Valentine story a husband did for his wife. You can read about it by clicking the picture below.
Ok, sorry for the loooong post but I can't resist sharing this absolutely adorable picture with you. A kitten with a cast, it can not get much cuter than that.

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Hannah Hosh said...

I love Mycakies blog. Plus she's a Christian.

And yes, Dan really does look like a blind (homeless) guy.