Sunday, May 18, 2008

the weather

is really starting to get on my nerves. Im finding it kind of hard to stay in a positive mood. It has been raining or really cloudy for almost 4 weeks straight now. Its late May and we haven't had a sunny day yet this month. Also its VERY cold, we are lucky if it makes it above 50 degrees. I haven't taken my gloves out of my purse yet cause I still feel the need for them. I seriously want to cry because I'm so cold all the time, and am sick of wearing my winter attire. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be sunny, at least for just one day!!!


Hannah said...

Then I won't tell what kind of weather we've been having down in Oklahoma. Actually I'd prefer the cold, because then at least you have the energy to do something other than sit inside with the AC on and eat. No surprise that EVERYONE down here is fat!

Bryan said...

Um, you need to up-date this! It's been sunny for the last, um, 5-ish days now?