Thursday, May 8, 2008

We got Married in the rain on May 3rd. Typical weather for Juneau, but it was still beautiful. We all walked out there while it wasn't raining, so we had high hope's of no rain during the ceremony. But..... As soon as everyone got changed the wind started up and the sky started to pour on us. Luckily we got umbrellas so everyone stayed remotely dry. The ceremony was rather quick (fastest one anyone saw Mick perform). Once the ceremony was over and Dan and I were officially Dan and Ashleigh EWING everyone ran for the tent.... anyway here's some pictures.
The walk out to the island.
The arch Dan made for us to get married under
D+A (the top of the arch)Before we changed for the ceremony
My Mother and I before I changed
Our flower girls (Sam and Luna)

My Dad walking me down our rock isle
My Dad giving me away
Mick's opening prayer

more rings
Our first Smooch as Dan and Ashleigh Ewing

Hugging in the rain
The Ewing's
Dan Jack and I posing in the rain

Under the arch
Walking back to civilization
The beautiful and delicious cake Sherrie made
At the reception
Mick toasting us, and hoping me and Dan have twins or triplets (ouch)
My Dad toasting us
I put my cake in Dan's face (hehe)
I thought I was in trouble.
My handsome little boy!
The reception was wonderful, lots of close friends and family came to celebrate with us. It was a good turn out, about 50 or so people. I dont think I've ever seen so many people in Mick and Sherrie's house. It was a great gathering for such a beautiful celebration. Dan and I got a room at "Grandma's feather bed". It was sweet, DeAnna set to room up with rose pedals and sparkleing cider! Also a very sweet mood setting CD. It was a beautiful day and it will turn into a beautiful memory that I will enjoy telling people in the future.

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Anonymous said...

A day and memory I will cherish as will you two.
Love ya Dad