Monday, January 28, 2013


 This little lady is four weeks here, shes five weeks and a couple days now.  I've gotten behind on uploading, organizing and editing my photo's.

 She is for the most part a super calm stoic baby which is a nice treat after what we went through with Ruby for the first 5 months or so. 

 Her monthly photo I cant believe how quickly the first month goes it makes my heart hurt.  I wish that month lasted longer. 

 She hated the chair, mostly because Ruby was standing by the chair the whole time screaming and crying about the chair being hers.

 So I thought I'd put Ruby in the chair with Imogen and get some cute pictures, well they both hated it.  It was pretty comical how Ruby didn't even wanna touch Imogen while in the chair.

  I took Imogen off of the chair once I realized I wasn't going to get any "cute" sisterly photo's.  Ruby enjoyed rocking while I snuggled Imogen and snapped this adorable photo of her!

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Dan said...

New wallpaper for me, Thanks!