Friday, January 25, 2013

Ruby turned two

 This was the first picture taken of two year old Ruby, I love it!
 Her birthday was a Sunday so before church her and I had a little tiny celebration.  I got up early and put streamers on her door and blew up some balloons.  I also did some minor decorating in the kitchen.  Once Ruby woke up I went into her room and took the first picture in this post.  She was surprised.  Then I change her and put this cute little dress on her.  In true two year old fashion she freaked out and threw a tantrum because she didn't want to wear this dress.  Anyway, once she finally came out she was mildly excited about the streamers and balloons then quickly remembered she hated this dress at the moment. 

 I can tell life with a two year old is going to be interesting.

 Once I finally got her out to the kitchen and she saw the enormous Hello Kitty balloon and cupcake she forgot all about her tantrum.  I put candles in a solo cupcake and sang to her.
 While she licked the frosting off her cupcake I let her open a few little gift.

 She got some new hair clips, plastic jewelry and some big girl panties!

 Now that she knows this chair rocks its nearly impossible to get these pictures in focus.

 For some reason she wanted to be in her birthday suit for these, I had to force her to keep her diaper on.

Since Ruby's cousin Felix's birthday is two days after hers we had a celebration for the two of them later in the week.


Wes said...

Yay!! Happy Birthday Ruby!!! Brace yourselves mom and dad, two years old is a wild ride!! The twins are three and a half and are just now coming out of it.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Ruby. :) She is pretty darn cute, tantrum face and all. :p I really love that picture where she's holding her crown up, such a perfect capture!