Thursday, October 25, 2012

Around Here

32 weeks (this was last week, I am between 33-34 weeks now)
 Its been pretty quiet and mellow around here lately.  I haven't had much motivation to do anything, with this belly of mine getting bigger and bigger everyday simple tasks are getting harder.  Let me tell you its tough trying to wrangle a wiggly toddler with a big 'ol pregnant belly. 
 Last week Ruby turned 21 months old
 and was the furthest thing from excited to get her picture taken.
 Apparently she wanted to be beside the chair, not on it.
Ruby is getting more and more interested in the potty!!!  Every time I got potty she comes in and sit on her little potty next to me, though she hasn't gone potty in there yet.


Mandy said...

I think we have identical lives right now. :) just a few more weeks!

Dan said...

You are a beautiful and amazing mommy!