Friday, October 5, 2012

30 weeks

30 weeks, here we are.  
Its just a little over two months, give or take a week or two, before we are finally face to face.  I dream and can't wait for that moment.  
I just ordered the car seat and a few random things for this baby yesterday and when they get here we will have everything we need for the beginning.  We have a girl name and possibly a boy name figured out, but nothing is permanent until we meet this little bean and feel that the name fits.  I really want to dwell on my sweet newborns face and personality for some moments before I set any name in stone.  After we had and named Ruby it took me 3 months to be ok with her name.  I feel we settled and named her to quickly, luckily I love it now though!  I don't want that same feeling with this little babe.
As far as this pregnancy is going, well it could be easily described as uncomfortable.  I really think having pregnancies so close together really does a number on your muscles, bones and joints.  This time around I am having lots of discomfort in my back and hips and my abdominal muscles feel so worked.  I would definitely say I enjoyed being pregnant with Ruby more.  One thing I do love and will always love about being pregnant is feeling the baby moved around in there.  This one does it almost constantly which is great!

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Dan said...

I have never envied women being the birthing sex until now... what would that feel like to have something living inside my belly? I guess the closest I could ever experience this would be a good case of indigestion and/or parisites.

-your loveing greatful husband