Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter Wonderland

 It has been snowing here since Saturday and its foretasted to snow more!
 On Sunday we took advantage of the Mendenhall Lake being frozen and walked out on it with some friends Nate, Annie and Jackson.
 It was beautiful so beautiful and kind of warm feeling.  There were scattered clouds and every once in a while the sun and some blue sky would peek through.
 Our friends brought a little baby sled and let Ruby try it out.  Dan pulled her fast, slow, down hills, over bumpy ice and anything else he could find.  Ruby didn't really have much reaction to the sled ride. 

 Dan licked the icebergs frozen in the lake
 and posed for some cute photo's of him and Ruby!

 Ruby on the frozen lake!
 Ruby and her bestie Jackson!
 Today was another day filled with snow, oh how I love snow!

 Lucky for us we live in a beautiful place with lots of trails so you can take full advantage of the beauty!

 I love this place!


MountainMama said...

Beautiful! We;re waiting anxiously over here to get some more snow, send some our way!

erin said...

I loved these photos of you guys, so great!! And man do I love snow days...especially when it means school is closed. ;)