Monday, November 28, 2011

instagram v. 7

My husband faithfully makes me breakfast in bed every Sunday morning
- Ruby pulling her hair clip out even though she was told not to.

I started a wreath project

Jude-licious - Jude trying to eat Ruby's socks

Working on balance 

I had a terrible cough so my sister made me some delicious chicken soup - Ruby loved the noodles

Finished wreath - Ruby making her papa proud

Bath time - Pancake eater

Festive lights - Lots of snow <3

We watched Avery and Gavin so our friends Robert and Amy could go on a much needed date!

Eating an orange roll on Thanksgiving morning

Beautiful Thanksgiving morning - Getting ready for the feast

Pie - Family

My dad surprised us on Thanksgiving

A couch that is awesome

Work - Playing

1 comment:

Jimmy and Sleg. said...

I like the pics.
I like being back home though I do miss my tractor with all this snow.
The surprise came off great. LOL