Friday, November 4, 2011

instagram friday v. 4

best nut mix ever - Jack sat next to Ruby on his own for the first time ever

super crazy high tide

morning playtime and listening to Ruby's favorite record

My PFD spend was a blanket for Ruby from Patapri - last minute Halloween costume making

Ruby turtle and Jack the horse

Ruby trying to give Jude a kiss (or just suck on his head)

My car's transmission broke so we borrowed my sisters jeep for a couple days, Ruby had a great view out the back window. - The power went out so we lived by candle light for a short while.

a fun thrifted button - Ruby's loves to play with magazines

first frost was on the 3rd - egg nog mixed with coffee is so yummy!

First snow was the 4th so we went for a snowy walk!

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allison said...

oh my gosh! those halloween costumes just made my morning.