Monday, July 11, 2011

First food

Yesterday we gave Ruby her first solid food, avocado mixed with breast milk.  I put her in her bumbo and put the bib on her.  She was excited about the bib and pulled, sucked and squealed at it. 
I cut the avocado in half and let her see it and touch it.
Then I stuck it in the food mill and ground it up,
and added some breast milk.
I put some on a spoon and stuck it up to her mouth.  I opened my mouth big and she mimicked me.  I put the spoon full of avocado in her mouth and she moved her tongue around and spit most of it out. 

She was more interested in grabbing at and playing with the spoon, so after a while we just gave it to her.
All in all I think she liked it.

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DX5GP2LOTS said...

The memories, oh the memories. LOL

Way to go Ruby, wont be long and you'll get the good stuff. 8)

Sure miss you guys.

Pass that last along to Jessica as well.