Friday, July 15, 2011

crawling, standing and bedhead

 When I put Ruby on her tummy she tries get her legs under her to be on all four.  To encourage it I have been putting her on her belly and putting everything desirable out of reach.  She is getting pretty good at scooting, so yesterday I took her pacifier and put is way out of reach to encourage her more.  It ended with crying and me giving in and letting her have the pacifier, I promise next time I will be stronger and not give in!

 Ruby also like to stand, if I stand her up and lean her on something she will stand forever.  Yesterday after the attempt to get her crawling I stood her up against our ottoman.  I put a few toys up on it for her to play with.  She stood without falling over for about an hour, she would have gone longer but we had to head to bible study. 

 Today Ruby woke up with the most rockin' bed head, I couldn't resist taking pictures.
baby bellies are the best
I love her in her pj'

 passed out from playing


lula honey said...

she seriously has the cutest faces...and don't even get me started with that hair :)

happy owl erin said...

so very flock of seaguls! ;) such a doll...I love her more everyday I see her.

Hannah Hosh said...

The pic where she finally got the binky is the best- she looks so miffed at you!

Dan said...

Ha, third pic up from the bottom, my tummy does the same thing

Sherrie Jo said...

The hair! That pic is going on my computer desktop at work. I love it!