Tuesday, March 27, 2012

14 months

 A week late..but late is better than never.  These pictures have just been sitting on my computer waiting to be edited and posted for about a week. 
 Anyway, this past month Ruby has changed so much and learned so much.  I am continually amazed each day, this age is so great.
 Ruby has recently been really into nesting cups, she could play with them for hours.  Another favorite toy of hers is the wooden rainbow stacker.  She doesn't stack them by size but she is able to get the little doughnut shaped pieces onto the peg.  Last week when I was picking up her toys in the living room I noticed she had stacked the pieces in a pattern by color.  I figured it wasn't on purpose.  But then the next day I put her down for a nap and was cleaning her toys in the living room up again and noticed she had done another pattern!
 Ruby loves reading books and pointing at everything while asking, "Whats that?" Then she always tried to mimic whatever you said.  
 Ruby knows where my nose, eyes and mouth are and will point at them when I ask her where they are!
She also recently started blowing kisses, but only after I or someone does it first and attempting to put her socks, shoes and pants on all by herself.
 One funny thing about Ruby.  She is absolutely terrified to stand on her own unassisted, even though she can totally do it.  Every time we trick her into standing on her own she starts to cry, so who know when she'll figured out walking?

Saturday, March 24, 2012


 It has been sunny this past week which is so awesome.  I am so ready for spring and better weather to come.
 Yesterday after Dan got home from work we packed up some sandwiches and walked over to the pond near our house.  We picked a bench in the sunshine and enjoyed our light dinner. 
 It was a little chilly out but you could still feel the warm sun on your skin.

 The walk home ended with Jack in the stroller and Ruby being carried.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

as of late..

 The weather was pretty crumby the last couple of weeks and Ruby and I came down with the flu and then a cold.  So we have been spending lots of time inside, nothing too exciting around these parts.
  A while ago I rearranged the living room to incorporate a cabinet for Ruby's toys and an area for playing.  She loves it, everyday she crawls over to it and pulls the toys she wants to play with out.  Sometimes she stands and pulls all the toys out just to watch and hear them hit to ground.  She gets a kick out of things falling to the floor. 
 Her most recent favorite toys is a set of nesting cups.  She loves taking them apart and putting them back inside each other.  Sometimes she tries to stick the bigger one inside the smaller one and when it doesn't work she gets frustrated.  Its pretty funny seeing her get all frazzled.
 Lately I have noticed her developing a curiosity for drawing!  One of these days I should get her a magnetic drawing board, I think she'd love it.
Since the sun was out today Ruby took a stroller nap! 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

everyday this and that

 Finally, after nearly a week, this little lady feels better!  I am so happy to be done with the random projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea that had the most fowl smell ever.
 I am also happy to have my happy exploring little girl back.
She is starting to become more independent with her play time, before she always wanted me near by for some reason.  
The other day I found her dancing to the song her toy cell phone plays.  She was moving her shoulders back and forth, it was sooo cute! 
Anytime I get my camera out to take pictures of her she instantly stops what she is doing and tries to grab it.
 Even if I move across the room.

One of Ruby's new favorite things is books.  She loves to turn the pages and talk to the pictures while pointing.  If I am near I'll explain to her whats on the page and whats going on.