Thursday, March 15, 2012

as of late..

 The weather was pretty crumby the last couple of weeks and Ruby and I came down with the flu and then a cold.  So we have been spending lots of time inside, nothing too exciting around these parts.
  A while ago I rearranged the living room to incorporate a cabinet for Ruby's toys and an area for playing.  She loves it, everyday she crawls over to it and pulls the toys she wants to play with out.  Sometimes she stands and pulls all the toys out just to watch and hear them hit to ground.  She gets a kick out of things falling to the floor. 
 Her most recent favorite toys is a set of nesting cups.  She loves taking them apart and putting them back inside each other.  Sometimes she tries to stick the bigger one inside the smaller one and when it doesn't work she gets frustrated.  Its pretty funny seeing her get all frazzled.
 Lately I have noticed her developing a curiosity for drawing!  One of these days I should get her a magnetic drawing board, I think she'd love it.
Since the sun was out today Ruby took a stroller nap! 

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Dan said...

sleeping beauty in that last shot.