Wednesday, November 21, 2012

last week

36 weeks
Last week my belly turned 36 weeks, as of today I am officially 37 weeks and can now have my baby at the birth center.  Currently I am hoping this baby comes soon because I am so uncomfortable and frankly cant take it anymore.  I am pretty sure the baby has dropped since taking this photo.  The baby feels much lower in my hips, I have to pee more than before, I am having more hip discomfort, a lot more sciatic nerve pain and when the baby moves I feel it much lower than before.  I don't want to get my hopes up but I am hoping this is a sign that labor is near!
36 weeks with Ruby!
For comparison here's a picture of me pregnant with Ruby at 36 weeks.  In the last month of my pregnancy with Ruby I took measurements of my belly and even though I feel more uncomfortable and bigger this go around I am actually measuring 2 inches smaller.  I am sure its just cause the baby is in a different orientation this time and not because its smaller, I have been weak with the no sugar rule.
Anyway I will most definitely have a baby within the next 5 weeks!!!!


Dan said...

you look beautiful!!

Bruce said...

Yeah, what Danno said. 8)