Thursday, August 30, 2012

19 months

 Ruby is becoming more and more independent these days.  She want to do everything her self and will protest you trying to help her.  She also has strong opinions on things and a stubbornness that is maddening.  She sure is a toddler.
 Right now her favorite word is NO!  She practices it all the time saying it on repeat in different tones and pitches.  I catch her randomly saying it to her books and toys.  She also likes to use it when talking to her papa or I.  When she uses it in the right context its fine but when she is using it out of context with attitude its not okay.
 Really though what more could we expect from a 19 month old.
 She still has a melt your heart smile, a super silly personality,
and sass.


Bruce said...

Sounds like a perfect Hale-Ewing mix. LOL

Sherrie Jo said...

She's so funny. I love all her pics.

Dan said...

you captured her perfectly!