Friday, February 24, 2012

fresh air

 Ruby came down with a little stomach bug two nights ago.  She woke up with puke on her and her bed in the middle of the night screaming.  When I went in there to see what was wrong she was so hysterically scared, it broke my heart.  I picked her up, changed her and pulled her bedding off and replaced it.  I hugged and nursed her for a little while and then laid her back down.  She slept solid until 9:30 in the morning and when I went in to get her I noticed she had puke on her and her bedding again. 
 After I changed her and her bed I tried to feed her breakfast and she didn't want anything to do with it.  So I gave her some water and let her crawl around and play.  She seemed fine for most of the day, just a little fussy and clingy but no more puke.  Once she woke up from her afternoon nap she was crying and kicking.  It seemed like her tummy hurt and then a couple second later she had the most fowl smelling diarrhea.  This happen a couple more time in the next hour or so.  She seemed tired so we went into her room and read some books and I nursed her.  After nursing her I just held her as she snuggled into my neck.  Then out of no where she reared back and projectile puked all over my hair and down my front. 
 Once I got her changed, again, I put her down in her crib and went and cleaned myself up.  She slept like a little angel last night only waking up once.  This morning she seemed to be feeling better, just a little low on energy.
 Because of Dan's schedule on Thursday he doesn't get to see Ruby.  He felt bad about not seeing her and her being sick he took a half day off today. 
Since it was nice out and everyone was home we went for a little stroll on the wetlands.  I figured Ruby might enjoy the fresh air, I know I do when I am feeling lousy. 

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Bruce said...

Poor Ruby.
Great Dad for taking time off.
Good idea Ashleigh I'm sure the fresh air and walk helped everyone.
Love you guys