Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A day on the hill

Today was so sunny and beautiful, and last night it snowed. Since it snowed I figured I would hike up eaglecrest and take a run. When I got home to get ready to head up to the hill I started to feel guilty about putting little Jack back into his kennel. So, I figured he might like to go snowboarding with me. Turns out he really liked it. He was trotting like a proud little Chihuahua on the way up. Then we got to where we were hiking and drank some water, I put my board on and down I went. Jack ran his little heart out and could catch up. I kept yelling his name and telling him he was a good boy, so he wouldn't think I was trying to leave him. I got down a ways, he was pretty far behind so I stopped and waited a few seconds. He was running so fast when he caught up to me he ran right into the backs of my legs. Oh, it was so cute. Now he's a tuckered out little pup.

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