Sunday, November 16, 2008


YAY! we are finally here. Its so beautifully lush and fragrant here, Im jealous of the people who got to grow up here. Apparently its is destine to always rain on me, its been raining since we got here on and off. The locals say theres a patch of bad weather and it should be here for the next few days :( oh well, at least its not JUNEAU and freezing cold. We got in yesterday and took the drive up the coast to where we are staying. The drive was beautiful. Then we just took it easy, went to a taco place and came back to the Yurt. This morning we got up and walked to the beach out front and jumped in the warm water. IT WAS SOOOOOOOO NICE. Then it started raining to we came back and took a shower in the outdoor shower. Got ready and headed to Church. This water was so nice and warm.

The heavy rain outside the Yurt.

Our shoes getting rained on outside.

Kiluea Light house.

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