Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Marry me!

So its official, after months of talking about it.
Dan finally asked me to marry him in the cutest way possible.
It was our year anniversary and to celebrate we went out to Zephyr for dinner. We walked threw the door and waited at the front to be seated. After a short time the Hostess came to greet and sit us. We picked a table in a quiet little nook, with romantic lighting. We checked out the menu and decided on what we were getting. Dan got the rabbit and I got a pasta dish with a side salad. As we waited for out food to cook, we had some good Dan and Ashleigh conversation. Dan mentioned he should get comfortable (he was wearing his sweater). So he unzipped his sweater and pushed his chest out. I noticed he had sewn red fabric letters on his shirt that spelled out "Will you Marry Me?". I just started laughing, and couldn't stop for a good few minutes. I loved it, and of course I said "YES!" I don't think I could have thought of a better way for this to have happen.

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Anonymous said...

Well I tried this before so will try again.
I am as happy as a possum eating cuckleburs to have this happening. Of course i knew it was coming a couple weeks ago when Dan called and invited me to breakfast. Couldn't figure it out then as the meal progressed he got more and more nervous. I thought he had run into my car again LOL ( a funny story) and I hadn't noticed it. But no, he had the decency, to ask for Ashleighs hand in marriage. I suggested he may want all of her and not just a hand but the answer was certainly yes he's a great guy, they're a great couple, and I'll have my house all to myself now =)
Seriously, welcome to the family Dan and I wish the two of you all the joy, happiness, and blessing you deserve.